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Thread: booting to grub bootloader 2.04 after installed on notebook

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    Post booting to grub bootloader 2.04 after installed on notebook

    I'm newbies for Kali Linux, do lots of trial and error on installation Kali Linux 2022.1 on my Raspberry Pi and my old Notebook (Sony VAIO). I make usb bootable as follow from YouTube.
    I made installation on my old Notebook until rebooting on last step, it move to grub bootloader 2.04 menu. Here are my questions,

    1. I found no step as appeared on YouTube and many web (selecting grub bootloder with local disk),

    2. after remove usb media and reboot, it move to grub bootloader 2.04. I couldn't find next step to make it happen.

    if anyone know, please teach me what steps do I missed when installing Kali 2022.1 on my old Notebook, thanks a lot

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    Do you mean it sat at a grub> prompt?

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