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Thread: Trojan found in Installer Kali ISO file (ARM)

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    Exclamation Trojan found in Installer Kali ISO file (ARM)

    I found this threat (Trojan.Powershell.Agent.FC) in the following file, after downloaded from the kali website:


    Is it right?

    Thanks in advance

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    Exploit databases contain, well, exploits. Even anti-virus software gets triggered by the installation of another anti-virus software, since the signatures against which things are checked are being detected. I guess one could encrypt these, such that they are not matched.But Kali being a whit-hat hacking tool and penetration testing toolkit, will obviously contain things that can be used for nefarious purposes and trigger software that is trying to detect such things.

    Trying to install/upgrade Kali for Windows, I have to deactivate the virus checker each time before install, and reactivate when I'm done, otherwise the system freaks out, and kali ends up being broken...

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    Thanks a lot for the info. I understand the point 👍👍👍

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