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Thread: Installation of Kali Linux Keeps Freezing at "configuring man-db (amd64)"

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    Angry Installation of Kali Linux Keeps Freezing at "configuring man-db (amd64)"

    I have tried to research and implement troubleshooting methods like assigning more ram and selecting hvp-o but need your help since I am a noob and just starting out.

    Operation system: Debian (64bit)

    I have already gone into bios and fixed everything there and followed all the other methods provided but still getting stuck at this point in the installation process.

    Screenshot (74).jpg

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    Can't read that more info please..

    Its clearly gotten most of the way through..

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    I'm having the same issue. When it asks which metapackages I want to install, I just choose the defaults.

    It looks like it completes the install (or almost does, it goes so fast at the end) and then pops up with an error saying "Installation Step Failed".

    I'm installing the kali linux .iso file on VirtualBox and everything else has gone just fine.

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    When you first install it, don't actually choose any extra packages, once its finished installing with what is already in the ISO image, i.e. its not trying to download anything else, and you are successfully booted into Kali then you can use the Kali tweaks menu to add any extra packages.

    It doesn't seem to matter which VM platform I've tried, virtual box or VMWare it has same problem.

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