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Thread: problem with kali linux install - black screen when reboot

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    problem with kali linux install - black screen when reboot

    Hello everyone,

    I am working with kali linux for a long time now on my laptop.

    I tried to install kali linux on my main computer (I was using debian before). It is a normal installation (no dual boot, no VM).
    All the installation is ok but when I reboot my computer, I have a black screen with _

    2 more things:
    - despite my black screen, I was able to boot on a live usb and to make update but the problem is still here.
    - I tried to install my debian again and I all is ok (no more black screen).

    I looked on some forums but couldn't find something useful

    If someone can help me, I would be so happy! Thank you.


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    Upon the reboot, at boot screen choose advanced start up and recovery and use text mode, and thn update your system from a terminal that should update graphics drivers etc which is probably reason.

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