Hello people,

I'm relatively new to Linux and new to this forum.
The forum could not answer my question until now.

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with the Kali arm64 version.
The Pi was configured via the GUI on a monitor with Tastertur and mouse. But it should find mobile use (battery + headless) in the future.

I configured Bluetooth NAP with Blueman via the GUI (right click on the Bluetooth icon / Local Services) and assigned an IP (
As long as the screen is connected to the Pi, SSH and VNC via Bluetooth work fine.

Now to my problem:
When I boot the Pi without the monitor, the Bluetooth connection with my smartphone works. But I can't connect to the Pi afterwards via IP with SSH or VNC. Only over the normal WiFi network (192.XXX.XXX.XXX) SSH works. VNC cannot be started here. I noticed that the interfaces (ifconfig) of the Bluetooth connection (PAN) are not listed if no monitor is connected to the Pi.

How do I get this under control?
Bottom line, I want to connect to a headless Pi via Bluetooth with SSH and VNC.

I hope I was able to describe my problem in a way that is understandable.

Sorry if this is a beginner's mistake.