I'm running Kali 2021.4a and i've got two issues with it:

1) When i run the system after installation it works perfectly fine, it detects my two screens with the noveau driver. However, after second boot the screen flashes, turns partially yellow, there are artifacts on the screen and after a few moments crashes so I must do a manual reboot. I was running 2021.2 previously and I managed to solve both problems

2) I cannot install nvidia gpu drivers (I have gtx 650 ti boost). I tried the run files from nvidia website - they after stopping the x server and the noveau check cannot find kernel path. deb file from cuda also encounter errors. The version from the package manager (470.103.01) also doesnt work. I had an older version on 2021.2 None of these work, cuda also doesnt find the gpu and nvidia-smi doesnt communicate with the driver. On my previous Kali version everything worked fine.
Furthermore I cant install linux-headers for my version (5.14.0-kali4-amd64) because in the package manager is only the newer version (5.16.0-kali7-amd64)

Any help would be appreciated

Best regards,