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Thread: Install Headless (Win10 Host. Hyper-V)

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    Install Headless (Win10 Host. Hyper-V)

    Hello, I have quite som problems installing a virtual Kali on my host laptop.
    Dell Latitude (with wwan-module, which means built in mobile broadband)
    Making it a perfect "Drop Box"
    solution, accessing it over 4G/LTE -connection and then do wifi-pentesting etc.

    It runs Windows10 pro.

    I did not plan (and have time for) this, but its now my 7th attempt.
    Outcome is a failure, almost everytime the virtual machine gets froozen
    (or non responsive)

    I can do a successfull installation, aswell as a startup and system logon.
    If I am lucky = even have time to open a terminal and such.

    But suddenly the screen is frozen and you cant access the virtual machine at all.
    Just kill it.
    The logs dont tell me **** (!)

    I read a lot online, about people having issues with memory leak.
    Not enough RAM and such, i believe everything is tried out.

    ** installing both 64, and 32bit version
    *** Importing official image

    *manual install

    Vmware_Player = conflict, cant use it on host machine because of Hyper-V.

    So I was wondering , is it possible to run the machine headless within Hyper-V?
    And configure some VPN-server at startup?
    Enable me to access the machine without GUI , and instead connect from it through

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    You can configure a virtual machine before you try and install anything, by default they often use very little RAM allocation, in virtual box, for kali machine, try setting secure boot off, give it two processor cores and at least 2 GB of your system RAM, set disk size at around 25-30 GB at least for a full Kali install, and try and install it again.

    If your in a VM then you get a 'virtual' ethernet connection from your Windows host, so you don't need any wifi set up, if Windows is alreqdy online, then the virtual ethernet should 'just work', make sure its set to share your wifi or use NAT setting for the network adapter in the settings too.

    Oh yes, make sure you have installed virtual box extensions too!

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