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Thread: An installation setup failed

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    An installation setup failed

    I bought a used BASM laptop with the Cryptodata OS (Linux based) already installed.

    The former computer owner forgot the password, so I rewrote the OS myself. I downloaded it from their website.

    I used this program to write the OS to USB:

    After booting USB and starting installation I got an error: "No Network Interfaces were found"

    Then I connected the mobile phone via USB and connected it to the Internet (sorry I present it in Lithuanian):

    I started the installation again. This time it don't show those errors. Running "Installing the system ...". After 12% error: "An installation setup failed":

    Then I try to save the debug logs:

    And I get another error: "A simple web server has been started on this computer to serve log files and debug info. However, the network is not set up yet. The web server will be left running, and will be accessible once the network is configured. "

    I'm looking for a solution. I tried re-downloading OS.iso and saving to USB. I tried with Rufus as well, but the result is the same. I found myself at a dead end.

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    as you only have phone for download, get the smallest network type kali ISO image, burn with Etcher and install it without adding any extra software, once the bare minimum OS is installed, then you can sort out wireless adapter and download extra programs you might want.

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