I recently (3 days ago)installed kali 2022.1, 64-bit installer package & I've had quite a few issues with the grub2 loader (I've got screenshots) on startup & taking me constantly to grub command line, then grub rescue & ive come to the conclusion (based on research), the grub2 bootloader is some how corrupted. I've gone through articles related to: grub command line, luks encryption, tried a number of possible grub command workarounds: set prefix=(hd0, 1) set root & more.

Anyhow I've managed create a new live USB bootable & booted into kali live boot & I'm at the install screen, tried to do an install, next screen is blank, no command line.

To avoid any further issues, I'd appreciate help with instructions as to which install menu option would be best to reinstall kali os onto the hard drive & ideally overwrite the previous corrupted installation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Ps: if this is the wrong thread, let me know 😁
Previous kali version: kali 2022.1
Error messages: see screenshots please
Tool: balena to create new bootable usb
Problem: grub bootloader corrupted


+ **Kali iso in use:** / Kali live iso bootable usb

+ **Application used for flashing the iso:** / balena used to create new USB bootable