The Pulseaudio preferences app (paprefs package) doesn't work properly (can't find relevant modules) if there's not a symlink /usr/lib/pulse-15.0 pointing to /usr/lib/pulse-15.0+dfsg1

While it's nice that the /usr/lib/pulse* directory is named to reveal the specific version/patch level of pulseaudio installed, it would seem that's non-standard, and that various tools expect the directory to be named less detailed. As such the symlink fixes the problem, but having to manually maintain it, defeats the purpose and is likely to leave abandoned symlinks behind as pulseaudio gets updated.

So this needs fixing.

I'd report this on the bug reporter, but since nobody cares to answer/solve my issue with being locked out of mantis, I can't do so...
...hence posting this here in the hope it finds its way to the people in charge.