Hi everyone,

I'm using :

Architecture: i386
Window Manager: Gnome
Image type: ISO

Virtual Machine
Type: Linux
Version: Debian 32bit as the version.
Base memory: 512 MB

I uses this method to install Kali into my 8gb flash drive, http://ex094.blogspot.sg/2013/03/how...usb-flash.html.
(A KALI Linux starter screen will appear. Select the 'Graphical Install' from the menu and press Enter.
After you've reached the Partition Part, you will see 4 options.) I chooses Manual Partition.

Partition scheme : ALL FILES IN ONE PARTITION.
Partition was spilt into :
#1 Primary 7.6 GB f ext4 /
#5 Logical 308 MB f swap swap

Started the installation, but the installation always give me an error at 80%.

Any ideas which step did i do wrong?