Yesterday I tried to install a new version of kali 2022.2 for myself, and as a result of the installation, I ran into the problem that my wifi interface does not see any network, although it is connected to the network to which I connected during the installation itself. I thought the problem was in the GNOME shell and decided to reinstall on the KDE PLASMA shell, but the problem remained the same, there is no network around. It was strange that I had previously installed other versions of kali and everything worked fine for me, that is, the problem is not in the hardware itself. I decided to make sure that this is not a problem of my laptop and installed the same version 2022.2 on another laptop, the problem remained exactly the same, the wifi interface does not find any network, it just writes "No networks". I tried to install other compact wireless 2.6 utilities, but they work exactly the same, they don't find any network. This is strange to me because I have already worked on these laptops with earlier versions of kali.