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Thread: Free Cloud Provider for Kali Cloud or just use VM

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    Free Cloud Provider for Kali Cloud or just use VM


    I am new here and have no experience with Kali or running a OS over a cloud.

    I want to run Kali Cloud and I am looking for ans provider where I can run it for free. Are there at least some Cloud Providers that offer SDK and console so that I can run Kali Cloud on them?

    I saw that you need a Kali VM to run Kali Cloud via it. Is that right? In that case would it make much more sense to run only Kali VM on your PC?

    At the moment I have pretty much experience on Fedora (mostly 19-21) and some with Ubuntu.

    My situation is that after a police raid all my electronic devives are away. God save Google so I could recover all my phone data on my new one and all my files are stored in the cloud and some mobiles, software, series, etc on the raided external HDD/SDD.
    Now I only have an old PC running Windows 7 at the moment...

    I just need work with Kali. Via Cloud or VM. Double Boot or as main OS are no possibility for me.

    So what can you advice me?
    1) Free Cloud Provider that runs Kali Cloud
    2) User VirtualBox with Kali VM instead
    3) Any other suggestions?

    with kind regards
    Psy Wordex

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    You can run Kali in a VM on cloud hosting 'Free' for a couple of months, no cloud provider gives you free forever hosting that would be a bad business model.

    Linode give you a free account to start with valid for 60 days or $50 worth of use, whichever comes first;

    Given your recent predicament, I also feel I should make it very clear that it is illegal to even scan networks you don't have pre agreed permission to scan, and if you try to break into networks without permission, the computer misuse laws in all countries can be quite harsh.

    Be an ethical hacker, always hack responsibly and only within the law!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psywordex View Post
    3) Any other suggestions?
    Install Kali on bare metal and get another machine to work on from your LAN.

    That way you won't get arrested, or risk being banned from the forums for talking about being raided for suspicion of computer crime.

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