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Thread: Desktop Not showing

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    Desktop Not showing

    Hey guys, Im new here on the forums and am quite the rookie using kali-linux. So last week I was doing an update on Kali and after a restart my desktop doesnt show up, not sure if anyone else had a similar problem, but if anyone happens to know what going on, I would very much appreciate your help. Thank you and Good Day

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    You install it on? Are you running it from VirtualBox or VM? So far on VirtualBox I do notice it will hang there without any progress. So far I shutdown and restart it again. It should work fine but sometime I need to restart 2~3 times to get it boot into the login screen. I not sure it is because VirtualBox issue or what. So far I run it from VMware, I got no issue at all.

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    In a way, I am having a similar issue in Hyper-V. Although I have yet to find a solution, I have found two workarounds. Also, started happened after I updated.
    Option 1: Terminal Mode ? I think it was either Alt + F2 or Ctrl + Alt + F2
    Option 2: GUI ? During startup choose advanced options and load prior kernel (last know working kernel), GUI / Desktop works
    I did some searching the last few days on Google and forums. I think there may be some type of problem with the newer Debian kernel in specific situations, especially when ran in a virtualized environment.

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