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Thread: Will Kali encounter the same hardware problems in VM as it did on baremetal install?

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    Will Kali encounter the same hardware problems in VM as it did on baremetal install?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a bit nervous about asking this question, since it says basic linux questions will be deleted. I tried googling and searching the forum but to no avail. The tl;dr question is in the title, the long version is this:

    So I recently set up Kali but during install it said its missing some firmware from realtek (some very common problem concerning a file called rtl8723be and one other). Now running, Kali has no Wifi at all and even with ethernet cable I can't get a single bit to move. (Ifconfig and ping commands show no activity) I tried those solutions that I could understand and used a USB stick to get those files over but nothing changed. Now I'm a ****** noob so I gave up quickly and installed ubuntu on another partition and tried to use Katoolin - and that failed. And now I'm wondering whether Kali would encounter the same hardware problems on install if I ran it in a virtual machine on ubuntu. (Or use the live image). My instinct says it won't work either, but maybe I'm missing something.
    Since both virtualbox and VMware encounter problems on install and I probably need to downgrade a kernel or something I thought I would ask before I spend yet another day trying to get something to work.

    Now I understand the irony of wanting to use such a tool when I can't even connect it to WiFi. But I'm not trying to do harm I just wanted to follow along a tutorial to see whether cybersecurity could be something for me to learn. I'm also really trying to learn linux and bought 3 books but they start out slow and it seems there are a million things to learn.

    Thanks for reading,

    kind regards


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    If you just want to get an idea, install it in a virtual machine and you will get a 'virtual ethernet' internet connection that will help you use tools like wireshark and nmap and metasploit etc, if you want a wireless connection to practice wireless hacking with, get a USB wireless adapter to use with Kali they can be bought for around $10 - $15 for an wireless AC device.

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