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Thread: Monitor mode not working after successful installation on my Mi 9t

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    Monitor mode not working after successful installation on my Mi 9t


    I successfully installed the official NetHunter DaVinci image to my Xiaomi Mi 9t and everything seems to be properly installed. I finished the installation by updating the NetHunter app like asked and starting Chroot. I then proceed to test the wifi monitor mode. It activates properly using the prebuilt command. But when I enter iwconfig command, i get "wlan0 no wireless extensions." I tried with Hijacker app and the Deauth module to scan for network but nothing happens even thought airmon-ng start wlan0 says the interface is already in monitor mode. When I disable monitor mode from it. It seems iwconfig shows a wireless extension for wlan1 and not wlan0 even thought using airmon-ng start wlan1 output that wlan1 isn't a device. Also iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor output that the operation is not supported.

    I don't know what to do from now to activate monitor mode.

    Any idea ?

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    bare metal install?
    nethunter rootless?

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