I am trying kali 2022-2 on the rpi0W with the pi-tail edition.

Following the documentation at https://www.kali.org/docs/arm/raspbe...ero-w-pi-tail/ leads to frustrration.
In fact, that doc is wrong because you can't connect via ssh as root but you have to use kali/kali

Moreover, I was not able to connect to the IP That might be because the network for the AP was on

I had to scan for ipv6 (ping ff02::1) and use the local ipv6 (fe80::...) to connect to the rpi.

Why define a static IPv4? why not use DHCP? Yes, you will end up with a random IP, but you scan for it with various tools like PingTools Network Utilities on android (or arp-scan on linux)