I have a Dell Inspiron 5022 laptop. I tried installing kali linux through a dual boot setup but as soon as I went to the network part, it said missing firmware. I am pretty new to linux so I don't know much but I don't want to go with some other distro. Also, I live in India, (maybe this info would help). I really need help.
So, I have had the same issue earlier also. I have read the wifi driver fix in kali.org website so I thought that I would temporarily give the internet through my phone but that also does not seem to work either. Also, it has nuked my windows. Also, another question -
Can I install kali by installing the calamares on a live environment? Will it work? I am thinking so because my Manjaro installation went fine but another thing that seems painful is that when I booted in the live environment, it does not recognize my wife either! Guys, I seriously need help