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Thread: WSL - KEX - Window Mode

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    WSL - KEX - Window Mode

    Hi guys,

    So, I was using Kali Linux with WSL2 on my W11 laptop but i had a problem with W11 and had to reinstall. After this I can't get kali to work again (at least not at the same way).

    Before reinstall W11 I was able to use Win Kex fully (SL Mode, Window Mode and ESM Mode) but after reinstall it doesn't work.

    The only mode that is running is SL mode, but very slowly. If i try to just run kex command it give me an error. If i try "kex --win -s" it give another error, and I don't know what to do anymore.

    All the posts I've fond on the internet say the same thing and I already use all the commands they post but nothing works.

    This message below appear when i ran "kex --win -s" for the first time:
            A WSLg socket exists that prevent KeX from starting.
            Moving the socket now. This will not adversely affect WSL or KeX.
    Password not changed
    Error connecting to the KeX server.
    Please try "kex start" to start the service.
    If the server fails to start, please try "kex kill" or restart your WSL2 session and try again.
    But when I try now appears an poup-up of Tiger VNC saying:

    Failed To connect to "": 
    Unable to connect to socket: No connection can be done because the destiny machine refused actively. (10061)
    And this is what appear when i run "kex --sl -s":
            Checking /home/hacklab/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session-
            Enabling SL mode
            Desktop started after 29 seconds, enabling transparency now
            Saving Win-KeX SL session
            Started Win-KeX SL
    If i run "kex --kil" or kex --stop looks like something happens, but no output shown.

    I'm using VcXsrv (the same I was using before reinstall W11).

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    There are other places to get relevant info;

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