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Thread: Cannot install Kali after Windows 11 Update,

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    Cannot install Kali after Windows 11 Update,

    Hi, Im trying to make my laptop (asus flow 13, AMD cpu with graphics) to a dual boot with Win 11 and Kali.
    I have tried to set this up for a while now but iam stuck.

    I had a setup forking for a while with both systems (Kali and Win11) but then Win 11 gave me an option to update the firmware for my charger,
    so I did that and since then when i try to start kali I get a black screen and get back to the boot menu.

    After that I have wiped the disk and re installed Win 11 and trying to install kali, I get to the installer selection (Live installer, grub settings etc...) but after a selection the screen gets black for 20 sec and Im back to the installer selection.
    I dont what Windows did in that update but i cant install Kali after it, same thing happens with arch linux, but i can install Ubuntu for some reason.

    Have tried to turn off cpu virtualization, fast boot, and used (bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off) in cmd in windows.

    Anyone got any idea what setting iam missing?

    (Sorry for bad English)

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    Have you tried to disable Secure Boot?

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