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Thread: Kali freezes after installation

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    Kali freezes after installation

    I've installed Kali Linux on an Oracle VM for the last several weeks. Earlier this week, the program started to freeze after logging in. Finally i tried to reinstall the entire thing. Same problem. I did this several times with several different versions of Kali Linux. No luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need this VM to work for a class I'm in and I can't understand why it suddenly failed. I am currently running Windows 11 and I'm running the exact same instance of Linux on Oracle Virtual Box on my Windows Tablet which is not having any issues whatsoever with it.

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    I had a similar issue myself...

    After losing patience with this issue and nobody on this forum even attempting to help... I came across the "solution" myself.

    The problem was temporarily resolved by patience. After getting frustrated, I walked away from the "running" device and about a half hour later, I came back and it was "unstuck"

    I have since discovered that I need nvidia 340.108 graphics drivers as Nouveau does not cut it for my D830.

    However 340.108 cannot compile on the current Kernel as of yet.

    Your issue is likely different, but try just waiting... It may unstick after a while

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    Appreciate the response! I found my answer in another forum. Some additional background hyper v like services were running by default. After shutting them down, everything worked perfectly.

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