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Thread: Run kali Linux from Android 11 Samsung A01 galaxy

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    Question Run kali Linux from Android 11 Samsung A01 galaxy

    I am trying to run Kali Linux from my Android 11 Samsung A01 Galaxy smartphone. I'm aware that there are several cloud Kali Linux setups out there including VMware and AWS. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. I want to be able to remotely access Kali Linux full from my Samsung using an RDP/VNC app. How do I do it? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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    VMWare is a hypervisor not a cloud platform, AWS and others are cloud providers and many offer a Kali install in the cloud.

    First sign up with a cloud provider and arrange your cloud instance of Kali, you might even have some free period to use it, but most are chargeable by the hour, set up this, in the cloud Kali instance, for remote access in its own settings, then install a VNC apk app on your android and using that app, you can then log in from the android to your cloud Kali using the settings you created earlier on Kali.

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