I try to make a USB flash with a persistence partition.
And I ran into three problems:
1) The Rufus utility does not want to create this partition in any way! No, sometimes it works, but for some reason only with the largest distribution (more than 10 GB).
As a result, I have to create a partition of the right size myself in another app (in Windows 10).
Please tell me what is the problem? My flash drive is a Corsair Survivor 64 GB. It works quite normally.
Maybe i need some other utility?

2) When i try to create a encrypted persistence (cryptsetup and etc... after the request to enter the passphrase) - i see message "/dev/sdb2 in use"
Command umount - doesn't help.
What am I doing wrong?

3) After creating live-usb, I do an apt-get update and upgrade as usual.
But the upgrade is not completed until the end! Writes "no space left on device".
the command df -h shows that /dev/sdb1 is 100% full
How to solve this problem in live-usb?

In Windows 10 (the AOMEI Partition Assistant) cannot enlarge the partition with Kali Linux, he sees it as if it is not formatted.
Accordingly, I cannot increase it...