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Thread: bettercap doesn't have the ble module

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    bettercap doesn't have the ble module

    I would like to use the ble.recon module available in bettercap so I installed the bettercap package and the bettercap-caplets package. The problem is that I don't see the ble module available when I start bettercap and type help. I just see these modules:

          any.proxy > not running
  > not running
          arp.spoof > not running
                 c2 > not running
            caplets > not running
        dhcp6.spoof > not running
          dns.spoof > not running > running
                hid > not running
         http.proxy > not running
        http.server > not running
        https.proxy > not running
       https.server > not running
        mac.changer > not running
        mdns.server > not running
       mysql.server > not running
          ndp.spoof > not running
          net.probe > not running
          net.recon > not running
          net.sniff > not running
       packet.proxy > not running
           syn.scan > not running
          tcp.proxy > not running
             ticker > not running
                 ui > not running
             update > not running
               wifi > not running
                wol > not running
    The ble module is not available. Do I need to install the ble module separatly? Or am I missing some type of configuration settting? Or could this be a hardware issue (bettercap only loads modules that are have supported hardware)? The ble section on the bettercap website didn't say anything about any separate installation for this module. I'm running the latest version of Kali 2022.2 64bit virtual machine (for virtualbox) which I got from the torrent in the downloads section. Thanks for your help.

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    bluetooth wireless support is typically included with the wireless adapter chipset, you dont have the wireless module running..
    could also be a driver issue for bluetooth chipset of course..

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