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Thread: Kali linux raspi-firmware: missing /boot/firmware

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    Kali linux raspi-firmware: missing /boot/firmware

    Today I upgrade my Kali Linux and at the end of it, I get an error from dpkg about missing /boot/firmware.

    Output of apt upgrade:
    HTML Code:
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree... Done
    Reading state information... Done
    Calculating upgrade... Done
    The following packages have been kept back:
      nvidia-tesla-470-alternative nvidia-tesla-470-kernel-support
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.
    3 not fully installed or removed.
    After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.
    Output of dpkg -C:
    HTML Code:
    The following packages have been unpacked but not yet configured.
    They must be configured using dpkg --configure or the configure
    menu option in dselect for them to work:
     linux-image-amd64    Linux for 64-bit PCs (meta-package)
    The following packages are only half configured, probably due to problems
    configuring them the first time.  The configuration should be retried using
    dpkg --configure <package> or the configure menu option in dselect:
     initramfs-tools      generic modular initramfs generator (automation)
     linux-image-5.18.0-kali2-amd64 Linux 5.18 for 64-bit PCs
    Proceeding with the upgrade will give the following message.

    I don't have anything to do with raspberry pi, and I found the following page about it. It looks like raspi-firmware has been removed from Kali's repository. How do I solve this error to install the remaining packages?

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    Have you found any solution to this yet? I am encountering the same issue.

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