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Thread: Read this before posting (Kali Linux forums rules and guidelines)

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    Exclamation Read this before posting (Kali Linux forums rules and guidelines)

    Kali Linux forums rules and guidelines

    The Kali Linux forums are meant to provide a place for the Kali community to converse and ask questions about the distribution. Due to the size of our community and complexity of Kali, we need to ensure Kali community members use these forums in a productive way which will also benefit others. For this reason we have set up some strict rules and regulations for posting in our forums. Please read these rules carefully before posting. Ignoring these rules will result in infractions and possible removal of your forum account. Any post not conforming to these rules will be deleted without notice.

    1. Search for a solution before you post.
    Before you post to our forums, try to search for the solution yourself. Start by searching the Official Kali documentation site, then the Kali forums. If nothing comes up, try Google next. If you still haven't come up with a solution, go ahead and post your question in the relevant forums. In most cases, the time you wait for your thread to be moderated and answered will be longer than the time it will take you to find a solution by searching.

    2. Make your post title descriptive.
    Posting something like "Help, wireless card not working" is pointless and will most likely be ignored. The title should be descriptive, and contain keywords which describe your problem. For example a post title such as "My rtl8187 wireless card fails to load, dmesg attached" would be ideal as other people with the same card and issue would be able to recognize this post as relevant to them.

    3. Describe your issue in detail.
    Provide additional details such as dmesg logs and any other troubleshooting information which might be useful. Describe your issue in as much detail as possible. At minimum, you should include the following details in your post:

    • Kali Version
    • Kali Architecture (32 bit, 64 bit, arm, armel)
    • Specific hardware models you are having trouble with (if relevant)
    • Any visible error messages you are getting.
    • Any additional relevant logs and information as described in the Kali Troubleshooting documentation.

    You can find our guide on 'How To Make A Valid Thread' here.

    4. If a solution is found, post it!
    If you find a solution to your issue, post it! Help others in your situation and contribute back to the community.

    5. Use of language.
    The official Kali Linux forum language is English. We request you make your best effort to use correct English - to the best of your abilities. We will not tolerate profanity of any kind. Posts containing profanity will simply be deleted.

    6. Ethical guidelines.
    Any advice/information offered on these forums is to be used for the legal informational/professional/educational purposes for which it is intended.
    We will not tolerate any questions pertaining to illegal activities. Any indication of illegal activities in your post will result in an immediate ban and deletion of your account from the forums.

    7. Questions about penetration testing tools.
    Please note that Kali Linux contains a variety of security tools, developed and maintained by various members of the community. Our project packages certain tools to be included in our distribution. If you find a bug in a certain tool which is not configuration related, PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS BUG IN OUR FORUMS. Any bugs or features you would like to see in a specific tool should go to the ORIGINAL TOOL AUTHORS. We will be adamant about this, and simply ignore posts which do not follow these rules.

    8. Questions about non-penetration testing tools.
    Posts unrelated to useful penetration testing methods will be removed. This is a Kali Linux OS support forum.
    This includes discussions about Distributed/Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) and anonymity (including TOR, I2P or related software).

    9. Posting.
    • Do not cross-post or double post.
    • No bumping.
    • Any religious, political or pornographic references will not be tolerated.
    • Please do not bother with spam messages - they will be removed and you will be banned.
    • We do not tolerate abusive or derogatory remarks, or members acting like self-appointed moderators. The forum staff is here to help you. Please use their services. If ANY member has an issue with the content of ANY post within these forums, use the "REPORT THIS POST" button - This is the black triangle icon when using the default forum theme found in the bottom left corner of each post.
    • Questions thats do not directly relate to Kali (For example: the use of other operating systems, general networking/IT support), are not allowed & will be removed.
    • We allow for external links to be posted, but we cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites. Follow these links at your own risk.
    • Please do not post links to youtube videos nor embed them into posts. If you want to post a video then please use a different site (such as vimeo or - both of which are free. Posts using YouTube will be removed.

    10. (New) Members.
    • New member's posts will be moderated first, causing a delay in the post appearing. DO NOT report problems with your post not appearing instantly during this period of your membership.
    • Member's signatures may NOT contain URL links, in any form.

    These rules are subject to alteration and/or addition. It is your responsibility to be aware of any changes.
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