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Thread: External attacks are not working due to the external ip not being recognised.

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    External attacks are not working due to the external ip not being recognised.


    So I am currently working with my company to run some pentests.

    The only problem is that we didn't have enough aws resources to host a new server, so we used Linode. Linode have recently created a kali image, all good, fun and games yay.

    Except, it does not work.

    So when I have kali open in a vm, is there anyway of using an external ip address so that when I launch specific attacks, that they can be accessed on a network other than mine?

    I've been googling and trying this for weeks and no such luck yet, so thought that I may as well ask the experts!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Some things are designed to be run on a LAN, such as ARP for example, and that wont give any results on a remote host, as your not connecting to a MAC address..

    scanning with nmap will work happily on remote hots, you haven't actually said what your using, Kali has many tools, not all work everywhere..

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