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Thread: The Burp Suite can correctly get the traffic when running on Windows but not on Kali

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    The Burp Suite can correctly get the traffic when running on Windows but not on Kali

    Hello!I have a whole complex of troubles.

    First and my main problem is that - traffic from my mobile app doesn't reflect in Burp Suite when I use Kali linux. But everything is working when I use Windows (in my Windows OS I am able to intercept and analyze traffic from my mobile app which reflects in Burp).
    I set up the proxy on my android device like this `adb shell settings put global http_proxy ip:8181` and set up Proxy listener in Burp on my IP and port 8181. In WIndows this works fine. When I switch to Kali I always get an error that I don't have an internet connection (the configuration of proxy is the same as in WIndows "my ip:8181").

    But yesterday I found out that I can't visit https:// pages on my android device and can't see the traffic (in Burp) from the web apps. I have tried to deselect TLSv1.3 in Burp but this step didn't help(not the main problem I have, for web app tests I use kali, not android but anyway mb these two problems related with each other?).

    I can't work normally on Windows (when I do tests of mobile apps) . I can't stand it and I don't want to customize the environment here(in WIndows).

    About my equipment and configuration:
    -I have rooted Samsung A03s
    -I have Burp cert in the system folder on my device

    My main question: why the traffic from my mobile app reflects in Burp when I use Windows OS (and everything works fine with that) and nothing doesn't work when I switch to Kali?

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    Is Kali in a VM or is it bare metal install?

    In a VM there is a layer of NAT going on with the virtual ethernet connection you have, you'd need an external USB WiFi to use Burp that way..

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