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Thread: Kali Linux M1 on VMWare

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    Kali Linux M1 on VMWare

    Hello everyone,
    I wanted to test Kali on my M1 Macbook, but I can't manage to install it. I downloaded the M1 Installer from the website, set up everything in VMWare Fusion Tech Preview, chose Debian 11 as the OS, even though I already have tried everything else, but when the installation window comes up whichever option I chose the installer just freezes with black screen and not blinking underline. I've tried literally every single option and they all make the installer freeze.
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    Please be sure you are on the 22H2 release of VMWare - see the notices in the documentation -

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    That fixed the issue, thank you. It was really weird, because whenever you search for the product, the old version appears first.

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