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Thread: Software development questions!

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    Question about B.S. in Software Development

    • So, I'm interested in getting a B.S. in Software Development. Right now I work in the field of Aviation Maintenance and have certificates in that field.
      However, I have 14 years of experience in healthcare software development services. I created small applications from apps, websites, and simple games, and I created massive projects from multiplayer servers, game clients, and even two game engines.
      Now then, I want to continue forward and get my degree as quick as I can with this university, but there are requirements needing a resume, IT certificates, or classes taken.
      I programmed all of those softwares as a hobby, so my only alternative is to make a resume. The issue with that is how do you even reflect that? I have the knowledge and experience, yet I'm being told "...we need need to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into." In all honesty that is borderline ridiculous, I do understand, but why can't I just jump into the curriculum with the experience I have KIA Sportage Pakistan?
      If anyone has any prior experience with dealing with a similar ordeal, I would love to hear you take, and how you went about it CBD products.
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    Hi Mia

    Any structured learning process is good to help you 'learn how to learn', and is never wasted, as far as getting in to higher education, as a mother, you have clearly had other priorities, so often, you can be taken on as a 'mature student', which can mean they will often waive a need for specific exams, as long as you can show some prior interest and learning in the subject, so the AS should be sufficient as a stepping stone.

    Java is still used on lots of embedded devices, and certainly if you want to get into mobile development, its a good foundation for Kotlin and the like, and it is a strictly typed language and a mature code base, so it won't be wasted time, the main thrust is to grasp the core concepts of programming, which it sounds like you are already doing with Python and Ruby as well. It's good to be able to show some of your programming projects, a github account for example, and your commits will be quite enlightening to yourself when you read them back later.
    Thinking like a programmer is more about the ability to break things down into the discreet steps that are needed and then being able to code up those steps than a focus on any particular language.

    More employable, well yes and no, it 'ticks boxes' for HR departments weeding out candidates, and it certainly helps from the confidence point of view, but it's not strictly needed, a good portfolio of work can do that just as well these days.

    Just my thoughts

    This is a good site for free resources;

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    @Fred Sheehan thank you so much for your suggestion here
    Personal Training San Diego
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    It sounds like you have a lot of experience in Ceiba Taxi
    ,but may not have the formal education or certificates that some universities require for admission into their software development program. However, there are a few things you can do to demonstrate your knowledge and experience to potential universities:

    1. Create a detailed resume: Include all of your relevant experience in software development, including any projects you have worked on and any technologies you are proficient in. Make sure to highlight your 14 years of experience in healthcare software development services.
    2. Get IT certifications: While not required, IT certifications can help demonstrate to universities that you have a certain level of knowledge and skill in specific technologies.
    3. Reach out to professors or admissions representatives at the university you are interested in: Explain your situation to them and ask if they would be willing to consider your experience as relevant to the program.
    4. Provide portfolio/sample work: If you have sample work of your software development projects, you can provide them as a portfolio to demonstrate your experience and knowledge.
    5. Look for alternative education options: Some universities may not have strict admission requirements, or you may look for online courses that can help you to gain the knowledge you need.

    Keep in mind that different universities may have different requirements for admission, and it's important to understand what those requirements are before applying. But overall, it's important to communicate your experience and knowledge effectively in your application materials, and to be open to alternative education options that may be available to you.
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