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Thread: end Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempting to kill idle task!

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    Hi, new user to KaliLinux. I didn't have any issues till recently. The prompt I am introduced with follows as such...

    1.182209] ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempting to kill idle task! ]---

    I reactivated my VBS on Win11, I uninstalled and re-installed both the VirtualBox and Linux Programs. I also tested it by temporarily turning off my anti-virus as well. And it still crashes after trying to load. As soon as the program loads, I click in the box, the cursor looks glitchy. Before this, I had gotten to a blank black screen (if this information is helpful). Please let me know if anyone here can help, I really want to learn how to use KaliLinux. When I first set it up, was having a lot of fun as I was messing around. It got to a point to where I found out how to upgrade and update. I have 0 exp on software so I was getting really intrigued. Thank you for reading.
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    As you say you didnt have any issues until recently, so you have clearly messed up the install in some way, it will often take you longer to try and fix it than to just delete the failed install and set it up again from scratch.

    The kernel panic is ost likel;y to do with the virtual machine trying to use secure boot, which will fail with most Linux systems, not just Kali.

    Check the virtual machine settings if using Virtual box, or just delete and start again if using windows subsystem for linux its quicker...

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