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Thread: Created WiFi network not visible

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    Created WiFi network not visible

    Hi everybody,

    I?m trying to create an access point on my laptop, to connect through my laptop to another wireless network. I found a procedure online, which was working for others, but for some reason I can?t get it to work with Kali. Here?s what I did:
    I booted my laptop from the latest Kali live USB version
    I connected my laptop to the wireless network: connection is OK, I can connect to Google.
    I opened a command shell and issued the following command to create the local access point:
    sudo nmcli connection add type wifi ifname wlan0 con-name ToonRouter autoconnect yes ssid ToonRouter mode ap 802-11-wireless.mode ap ipv4.method shared
    The command is successful and a nmcli con show lists the new ToonRouter connection. But for some reason, the network is not visible through WiFi. Not on the laptop itself, nor on any other device (like my phone).
    Does anybody know what I can do to debug this issue? Any help is very much appreciated.

    Kind regards

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    Is it visible if you disconnect the laptop from the other WiFi AP

    It depends on the WiFi adapter whether it can both connect to an AP and act as one at the same time, most WiFi adapters can't.

    Typically you would use a created WiFi hotspot to share an ethernet connection with other devices wirelessly..

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    Hi Fred,
    When I disconnect from the WiFi network, the hotspot is still not visible. Only when I issue the nmcli con up command for the hotspot connection, it becomes visible, but at that point, I can only connect to the hotspot itself and no longer to any WiFi network. So I guess my network card might not support routing.
    Thanks for your help!
    Kind regards,

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