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Thread: Nethunter for OnePlus Nord N20

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    Question Nethunter for OnePlus Nord N20

    Can anyone tell me if i need to install a custom kernel before my nethunter installation will function properly? Which i assume thats the case since permissions are strict in stock kernel. If so can anyone recommend a kernel for my device? would one have to be built specifically for my device since there hasnt been alot of dev on it so far? Im just a pc tech and have fiddled around with phones over the years but have not been able to get nethunter working properly on this device so far. I have posted boot images and supers on xda. I have full dumps of 2 unlocked and rooted nord n20 5g devices from may and july security patch if anyone is interested in building nethunter for us. Im working with some others to get twrp finished for this device right now. so far we have twrp booting, otg mouse, adb working. still much to do. The device tree for our device is up on github.

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    I havent had time to install and test this, but for me it is strange that there was so much request for this hack and now that is available it seems the interest has faded, very strange.

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    Hello fellow N20 owners/Hax0rz. I will probably tackle reading the guide and re-compiling the Kernel for myself sometime in the next day or two. I will post a link up here for you guys whenever I do, unless one of you ahs already done it and would like to share?

    Also I will make a post over on XDA forums where it should get much more traction, and I will also like that thread here. I am on the ANdroid 11 update for the n n205g, so you guys may have to downgrade if you are interested in running my kernel. Once I have the progress figured out, I will put your updated kernel's the through as well if you are willing to upload them to your google accounts.

    The N20 is an excellent phone, and seems to be getting a lot of traction in the XDA forums lately, so let's expand it's features!!!!!

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