I recently bought a raspberry pi zero 2 W and wanted to use it for wifi hacking. I downloaded kali on it through the raspberry pi imager (Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W) and there's 2 main problems.
Problem 1:
I have a wireless adapter with RTL8812AU chip and when I plug it in it doesn't get detected, I can see it with lsusb but it's not visible when I do ifconfig or iwconfig. After some research I found drivers for it on aircrack github, but the installation process was difficult for me as in I have to set specific options for arm64 and then run a bunch of commands. After doing so dpkg was always stuck on something or returned and error and I think its because of Problem 2.

Problem 2:
When I do sudo apt update it shows me 780 packages have to be upgraded, so I do sudo apt upgrade and my raspberry pi gets stuck on 24% then it all freezes so I can't move my mouse or use my keyboard. Which is a big problem, the only idea that comes to mind is cause my power cable desn't give it enough power, also I have it plugged in to my 144hz monitor so that might be the reason. Normally ill use it without it. I tried doing it with ssh but ssh service gets restarted at around 20%. Continuing, I went afk and when I came back terminal wasn't open, kali was unfrozen and icons changed to more classic looking once, I check sudo apt update and it told me it has to upgrade around 350 packages.

Can someone tell me how they managed to do it with their rpi zero 2 W or if someone has any idea and knows more in this topic than I do. It would be greatly appreciated.