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Thread: kali downloaders

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    kali downloaders

    is there a list of all the download managers included in kali package that are.

    1. gui preferred but command line is ok if no gui.

    2. supports redirect in the same way that "--trust-server-names" does for wget. i hate when i get download.php instead of correct filename

    3. supports multiple streams so several files can download (though multiple terminal windows or firing off multiple commands in quick succession is a workaround).

    4. supports changing or blocking the user agent

    i know kali has more than just wget, curl and axel because some of the pentesting tools require downloading websites to make them work.


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    somewhere there is a list of all kali packages installed on each distro release. unlikely anyone broke the list down by topic so maybe have to go thru each package to find out which are download manager.

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    Use wget for command line download for most anything like isos ,wallapers,mp3 files, etc.........

    Google search youtube-dlg for graphical frontend for yourube-dl downloader if you want videos.


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