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Thread: Kali Linux CRASHES during startup...

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    Kali Linux CRASHES during startup...

    Kali Linux (2022.3) crashes on 'startup'. (dual boot MacBook Pro (mid 2012)) Everything seemed fine just past the Kali emblem/logo BUT then gives the "Oh No! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occurred and the system can't recover. Please contact a system administrator" SCREEN *. **When I last shutdown Kali (2 days ago), everything was cool/seemed fine+normal with ZERO issues/problems.**

    I update/upgrade on a regular basis and this has not happened in a long while. So, I then entered 'recovery mode' and I updated/upgraded right away. Everything seemed to go perfectly, all updated/upgraded fine. BUT WHEN I REBOOTED, the same "Oh no!" SCREEN appeared as it had before.

    I then went into my VMware Fusion of Kali (2022.3) in my MacBook Pro, started it up... AND ALL WORKED PERFECTLY with NO ISSUES!

    Please HELP!

    ?I appreciate your time, thank you!

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    likely driver related, often on a Macbook running Kali bare metal either GPU or WiFi adapter related from my experience. I just use VMWare its easier..

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