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    Hey there, I'm having problems with my Alfa AWUS036NHA wifi adapter with kali. It seems that you got yours working... Any advice? Thanks...
  2. Hey, sorry for only reply now :3 I guess the AWUS036H isn't compatible with Mac :'c you know other you can recommend me and works for mac? :3 Very thanks!
  3. Hey Leevai, I'm new here and I guess you can answer to my question hihihi :3
    I need usb wireless card and I found Asus WL-167G V3 you know if that Wireless Card works with almost everthing in Kali, you recomend other? Very thanks!
  4. Hey levaii, Do i have to have a seperate connection to the internet on my laptop aside from the built in card? Thats where my logical sense was getting confused, I kept trying to think how it was possible to do all on one built in card, I'm assuming I need another Usb wifi card aka the alfa kard kung fu!!, or I just have to hook myself up to the ethernet port from my router. I was trying to do the MiTM on my network from my laptop alone, connect my phone through me back to the internet from my laptop which I think you can not do. Thanks for all help so far! hope to hear back soon and get into the good stuff!
  5. hello leevai

    when you unzip it and open the terminal in selected Dir path
    EX cd /root/Desktop/HT

    open the terminal
    and write
    chmod +x
    and you ll install it where you want
    after installation run
  6. I did make a bridge called br1, addif to my etho,at0 , ifconfig at0 up and eth0, I also bring my bridge up with ifconfig and i can verify it by actually seeing the bridge with brctl show and ifconfig. Any info would be helpful, I've also gotten myself a little networking book thats helped explain some concepts with IP address and DHCP.
  7. Awesome my friend, this is exactly what I need. Well i'm Just experimenting with making a fake Access point and giving any client who connects to it internet access.(MiTM) I can bring up a fake point just fine with airbase. Thats about it, I have no idea how giving clients internet access once they connect. My setup is an asus laptop with a supported chip for injection and running Kali linux off a USB. I set up airbase and having the network running, Once I try to connect from my phone its stuck on obtaining Ip address. This is where things get a bit hazy for me. Is my phone waiting for a valid IP address from the fake AP? And do I have to be connected to a network with internet access for this to work? If not, how does one go about just plugging himself in the middle and reconnecting the client back to the internet through him without ever connecting to the network himself?
  8. Hey buddy, I really appreciate your trying to help me out lol. Only thing is i dont know anything about the .conf file or how to arrange that accordingly, Could you possibly give me a run down and or answer some questions I have? I did a few years of programming with c++ and java, so i'm very computer literate , i just need some stuff answered/explained so I can understand whats going on, therefore, I can manipulate it
  9. hello i hope you like my new script
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