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  1. Hey I have sent you an e-mail with good news... waiting for your response
  2. hi mmusket33
    i have problem with my wash and reaver command, it freeze and nothing happen..
    i use kali linux 1.09a that i get from kali linux offical website..
    and i can't download

    File contains
    2. maclistreavermdk

    can you help me with my problem?


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    I haven't used the newer scripts, but have had success with with the older one.
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    I am sorry I didn't get a chance to test your new version of your script. My computer died and I had to wait a bit before getting a new one. If you can re-post your script so I can try it out that would be great. The latest link listed does not work.

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    hey man, do you guys see any consistency with mdk3 behavior on macreaver script?
    i just found that it no longer cycles the AP, the very same one I successfully tested it on. I did no firmware upgrades.
    Looking into other variables - kali updates and such.
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    Glad to contribute to your awesome script. I and others are very glad to contribute to the evolution and improvement of your script, no debt needed.

    I will always be glad to contribute in testing and improving any script you come up with.


  7. Well to be truthful we had just about given up on mdk3 but you gave us that one little piece of the puzzel so we wrote that just for you in payment. Now we are finding routers which say they are locked which still respond with pins. Anyway we are going to add a PURE EAPOL only choice soon. We willl send you what we write. As we mentioned we are in your debt.
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    Wow, you've worked so hard on updating and improving the script!

    I'll download the updated script and report my findings.

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    I'm using the 006 version of your script.

    The aireplay command I am using is: aireplay-ng -1 60 -a ap mac -e bssid of ap -q 10 mon0

    I found a kali fan based community that is not biased or stuck up like this dead forum.

    I suggest you post there when it comes to your findings.
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    The updated script works great, at first. Because reaver is trying to associate itself to the AP, pin requests fail after the first loop. I tested this by using aireplay-ng to associate and reaver started moving along nicely. However, because everything gets restarted in the loop, including the wireless card, aireplay has to be restarted manually for your script to work.

    If aireplay can be added so association can be passed through from reaver to aireplay then you script would be fully automated.
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