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Thread: Upgrade problems

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    Unhappy Upgrade problems


    I'm a new linux user, and having a trouble with apt upgrade.
    Spent all day yesterday to figure it out by googling, but somehow everything ends up rounding circles and with no solving outcome.
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    The pictures on this forum suck they are too small, Try copy paste the text into your post so that someone who does not have binocular vision can read it.

    Upgrade problems as your only description of what is happening just narrowed it down to about a million things that could be wrong

    In the meantime while you try to figure that out see if these commands work.

    sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt -y dist-upgrade

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    *** I didn't pay attention to size of those pics
    Anyway, I decided to leave Kali as a VM, to play around with tools when I need it, and make Mint as my daily driver.
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