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Thread: Kali on a tablet?

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    Kali on a tablet?

    I need some advice. I intend to switch to a tablet with kali.

    I hate iPad so that is a no go.

    I can over ride or dual boot off windows OS sleeping. So that is my go to

    I think an android would be more responsive and better but...I do not know anything about hardware yet.

    And I found out about rooting androids a bit late in the I bricked one and blew one up. So far.

    I know older phones like a galaxy s5 let me boot straight into an unlocked bootloader..on power up is said something like ...insert sd with new os now. Good luck.
    I do not know if they can support kali though.

    I have a few 2T sd cards.

    Hope someone smart can push me the right direction... thanks

    2g ram ,20 g hard drive, intel 3 or more.. I been manipulating code since 2002 and still don't know *** ram is

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    I thought this was impossible, but then I used Google and found something interesting. No, have not tried it.


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    For android you could install Nethunter, but not many devices supported directly on hardware;

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    Yes, my post was also about Nethunter, but it looks like my link to Youtube was not approved.

    It is possible to seach on YouTube and find some info about Nethunter.

    Best reg Junior Member.

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