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Thread: black screen, After the boot, the screen turns off !

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    Angry black screen, After the boot, the screen turns off !

    The installation was going well until the network problems I have to solve manually,
    when restart (start of Kali-Linux) black screen.
    have external screen also tried also black.
    I can not access the terminal, and have no internet connection, I have to re-install the driver manually.
    What can I do?

    BackTrack 5 R3 64 bit ran wonderfully, Laptop is ok, my Backtrack 5 64bit persictent USB works fine.

    the laptop is the following hardware:

    - Intel ® Pentium ® (Dual-Core) 2x 2.40 GHz processor 2020m 3. Generation(Ivy Bridge) integrated HD graphics
    - 2 MB cache
    - 8 GB of RAM DDR3 SDRAM PC3 10600 (1333 MHz)
    - NVIDIA GeForce 610M (1024 mb)
    - Sda SATA 500 ​​GB 7200 RPM
    - 2x USB 2.0
    - 2x USB 3.0
    - 2in1 card reader (Secure Digital ™ (SD) Card, MultiMediaCard ™ (MMC))
    - Bluetooth 4.0
    - Ethernet LAN 10 Mbit / s, 100 Mbit / s, 1000 Mbit / s
    ** (Atheros Communications Inc. AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet [1969-1091] (rev 10)
    - Wireless LAN Wireless LAN 802.11 B / G / N
    *** (Broadcom Corporation BCM4313)

    + extern devices: USB Alfa AWUS036NHR (Wireless) (but doesnt work in instalation)
    FRITZ!WLan Typ N (not supported)

    I have installed normaly (not LVM), 7 x new installed amd64 ISO and 3 -4x installed the i386 ISO, and Kali ist the only OS on the Hard-Disk.

    several of, Isos and architectures also tested by kali, via usb and dvd it may be that the external graphics card and the integrated graphics hd block itself?

    I can not imagine that both are defective iso files.

    if so how can this be prevented?

    Has one an idea ?

    Live (amd64 failsafe) and (i386 failsafe) work as the only correct. ??????

    I don`t understand...............

    I can start in failsave mode, need only member more infos from the konsole?

    my bios: written in (.....) is options

    Sata Comtroller Mode: AHCI (Combatible) ---- is AHCI the problem?
    Graphic Device: Switchable Graphics (UMA Graphic)
    Intel Virtual Technology: Disabled (Enabled)
    BIOS Back FLash: Disabled (enabled)
    Boot Mode: Legacy Support (UEFI)
    Boot priority: Legacy First (UEFI First)

    EDIT: After several key tests:

    When you press the Shift key, appears briefly on the screen for 2 sec, and switches off immediately.

    Bug? Conflict?
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    Well the same case with me. After booting kali got the blank screen. how can i resolve ?

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    when in console, try to start the X's: startx

    If it fails, execute this command: lspci | grep -i vga

    See what cards are detected.

    Then try to do: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

    When you get to the video to use, choose vesa..See what happens.

    It seems to me like a video issue...

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    When creating the usb if you use unetbootin it does that instead of dd... you can also change video to 721 on boot by hitting tab on the menu item

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    That does not work for me.
    is there a possibility.
    the graphics card during the installation manually?
    so that after the instalation, the reboot of the system, does the graphics card?

    ################################################## #######

    Post: 15.03.2013 17:30 edit:

    Temporary solution:
    2 graphics cards should be in the device, as in my case above (geeforce & Intel HD graphics), they go into the BIOS of the device.
    And they turn over the bios from the external graphics card and select the other.

    In my case:

    Graphic Device: Switchable Graphics (UMA Graphic)

    edit to:

    Graphic Device: UMA Graphic (Switchable Graphics)

    The image appears on some devices you have to grope increase the brightness of the keyboard so you can see something.
    But now imagine you least visible, and can fix this error, the terminal event as in my case was not to be seen too.
    this helped me for the avoidance black screen.

    In this graphic mode, Kali realizes during instalation also usb and network cards, which he has not detected before the conversion.

    future generations to ignore my posts with my problem in this channel.
    which were then purely made too late by the admins
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    I'm facing the same problem, both, in installed and in Live version. And i did NOT use UNETBOOTIN!

    It seems like there is a problem with the backlight of the Laptop screen, because if i look close i can see the login screen... graphic card is an mobil intel gl40.

    A temporary fix is to be found here:

    Still, kind of anoying not to find a real solution!

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