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Thread: Kali Linux Truecrypt Dualboot

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    Question Kali Linux Truecrypt Dualboot

    so heres my Situation:
    I installed Windows and enrypted it with Truecrypt
    then i installed Kali without GRUB because i could choose to install it in a Partition(not in the MBR because of Truecrypt)
    i installed GRUB in sda3 with Super Grub Disk
    now my questions:
    1. how do i point the truecrypt load to load GRUB on ESC and not windows
    2.what parameters do i have to change in GRUB do load the graphical mode because when i booted Kali with Super Grub Disk i only got the command prompt

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    I have used this installation manual to get it working. Have to say it was few days of pain, but got it finally working fine.

    Hope it will help

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