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Thread: Installing Nvidia drivers on Kali Live USB Persistance?

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    Question Installing drivers on Kali Live USB Persistance?

    I was just reading over a forum post ( to refresh myself on how to make Kali use persistance.

    I saw in the OP this quote:
    What you cannot do on a persistent system:

    updates core files (kernel, etc...) = no full system updates.
    install drivers.
    I've never been able to get my optimus card to work and now I found this which might be the reason why.

    Does that mean I can not install Nvidia drivers (for optimus) on my Kali Live USB with persistence?
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    sure thats why, contact me to use optimus card if you need.

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    IT's possible install nvidia driver on kali linux usb persistence ??

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    Going to bump this. I mess my kali install up a lot and don't know how to fix it and I hate messing with partitioning to reinstall. (I dual boot Kali)

    I would like to know if I can successfully install the nvidia driver with usb persistence. (And a new kernel for the matter)

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