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Thread: Installing Kali Linux 32 or 64 bits on Virtual Box (Win7 x64 host) fails

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    Lightbulb Installing Kali Linux 32 or 64 bits on Virtual Box (Win7 x64 host) fails

    Hello Forum,

    first i want to introduce myself. I am a complete newbee with kali, so this is my first time to install any linux.
    Here comes my problem, i can start the installer (grafical interface or not doesnt matter, always the same issue).
    So i run through the menus and select whatever i need like described here:

    but: after it beginns to copy the files, it always fails during copy of the files (after point 8). so i decided to use the 64 bit iso, same result. so i startet the live-system (failsave option) which successfully bootet into the system. After that i choosed install to harddisc from applications menu > System Tools > install kali linux.

    then i recieved this message:
    Live System kernel and installer kernel don't match. The installer can only be used if the kernel versions of the live system (3.12-kali1-585-pae) and of the installer (3.12-kali1-486) are the same. Please reboot with the correct kernel (3.12-kali1-486).

    i have to sayed i booted all versions (x64, x64, all veriants of the kali (live, filesave, and so on) with the same result.

    so, what else can i do to get this running?

    Peter Falkner

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    I do not recommend graphgical install option as well as live-cd "install option. If text installation is failing, you might want to try "No" in the step 8. Then install the rest of packages with aptitude install. Off course you need to edit your sources.list and add the repos:
    I quote from kali docs (wiki):
    Regular repositories

    On a standard, clean install of Kali Linux, you should have the following two entries present in /etc/apt/sources.list:
    deb kali main non-free contrib
    deb kali/updates main contrib non-free

    I belive there is a metapackage to install all kali pentest packages, but at this moment I can't recall it. Use the search option in the forums. I'm sure you will find them.

    Also make sure you are using enough space to allocate the kali distro (try using 20gb).
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