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Thread: Issue with persistence mode usb kali 1.0.8

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    Issue with persistence mode usb kali 1.0.8

    Hi everyone,

    I decided today to create a kali usb key, with persistence mode to keep my settings and tools.
    So I've download the kali 64 iso on the official website, then I've mount the iso on my usb (which is a 8gB usb 3.0) using the UUI tool (I got to say, I was on windows at this time, and only had windows).

    After this, I created a new partition on the usb key, on the left space, with "minitool partition wizard", the partition was created in EXT2 and was primary.

    Then I restarted my computer, plugged the usb key (also the boot won't work if I plug the key onto usb 2.0 :-/) on a 3.0 usb, and selected the persistence mode in the boot menu.

    I created then a simple text file on the desktop, changed my language settings, keyboard, and shutted down the system. When I've restart, the file wasn't here anymore, keyboard and language neither. I obviously selected again the persistence mode.

    What did I miss ?

    I found an article on the official website for usb persistence installation using some mkdir / mount commands, so I tried it, but after the "mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/usb" command, the system told me that my partition had a bad NTFS signature.

    By the way, I have few problems with the kali system, but maybe those would be in a better place in an other part of this forum ?
    Just to say, I can't manage to make my keyboard and mouse work if I plug them on usb 2.0. Problem is, I only have 2 usb 3.0 plugs, and one is already taken by the key.
    This morning, after a few plug/unplug, I made the mouse work on a 2.0 usb, but that was just one time, now it won't work.

    The mouse and keyboard are gaming tools (G510, and the big logitech mouse with a lot of buttons), maybe that's the problem ? Still I don't understand those usb 2.0 / 3.0 problems.

    Another problem, then I'll let you alone (I promise), ethernet isn't working on kali system. It's working in windows on the same computer, but not with kali, any idea ?

    I'm pretty new to nux systems, sorry for the newbiness

    In advance, thanks for your enlightments

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    After making your live version of kali-linux with a windows installer you need to use a linux operating system to operate on your usb flash drive running kali1-08 to get your persistence functioning. Study the link below


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    Thank you for your answer,

    I saw that but after all, I chose to install Kali on a hard drive as my only operating system

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