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Thread: Problems with PXE install

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    Problems with PXE install

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me.

    I'm trying to set up a PXE server and local mirror in a VM to demonstrate proof of concept for installing Kali via the network.
    I have DHCP working, tftp seems to be working and I can get the client machine (also a VM) to boot, successfully request an IP address and get through to the Install menu. My problem is when it tries to access the local mirror. I consistently get errors regarding the mirror, specifically "broken mirror: invalid Suite or Codename in Release file for Stable"

    I am using the netboot files from the Kali site, and Kali v1.0.8 as my distro. The iso I'm using as my source works fine and I've already used it to install to a laptop using a usb stick.
    The PXE host is Ubuntu Server 14.04

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    I managed to get past this initial problem by allowing unauthenticated mirrors, but am now stuck in the install with Kali unable to detect the hdd. It works fine if I do it directly from the iso but not using netboot. Does anyone have any ideas to offer?

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