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    Wifi acces point


    It would be nice if it is possible to start a wpa/wpa2 acces point that accepts all passwords, and saves the password that a device tried to a file. So, when there is a wifi network called "Restaurant", and there is a password on it, I can make a wifi with the same ssid "Restaurant" and than a device wich has the password of the real wifi network will try to connect to my fake acces point by sending the password to my device and connect to my fake acces point. Then the password the device tried will be saved and I will have the password of the real wifi "Restaurant".


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    Please read how the WPA/WPA2 works and you will find yourself the answer

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    if you find method please share it i know just similar evil twin methode, this: *REMOVED*

    and little other i want to use PwnStar the 4 option simple webserver with dnsspoof: redirect the victimn to your fake webpage but it is not working and i don't know why, i make same settings on my laptop and with laptop it is working and with nethunter it is not working :/
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