I dual boot Kali on two of my laptops:

Dell Inspiron 11z w/Intel HD graphics
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) w/Intel GMA 3150

Both have second monitors attached that are not the same native resolution as the built-in display. Under Windows (XP on the Mini 1012, 7 on the Inspiron 11z) this is not problematic as I can use the Intel display utility to set resolutions on either monitor and extend my desktop across both monitors. I've booted the 11z to Kali and can't figure out how to set individual resolutions. The machine I use the most with Kali is the Mini 10, and I'm usually working with it away from it's second monitor elsewhere in the house so it's not as big of an issue as with the 11z.

How can I set independent resolutions?

Also, has anyone successfully installed Intel's open source display driver from 01.org under Kali? I see Ubuntu packages available but nothing for Debian.