Linux Newbie.... I have very little Linux CLI experience, so please bear with me.

I setup a Live Install of Kali 1.0.9a with persistence, and encryption. First go round with this, and having trouble with some basic concepts. I have attempted several, varied, searches both in Google and Linux forums, but was not able to solve this question.

I was using two different guides, from 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 which had slight differences, but I was able to, AFAIK, create a working installation. I have tested (very simply) and confirmed that persistence is in force. I assume the encryption is functioning as well but I can't say for sure....

I am using an 8GB flash drive (its **** and super slow, and I intend to swap it out asap) but the purpose was a functioning install, which (afaik) it is. I do have one warning at setup, I'll have to recheck the exact language, but it isn't a concern for this post, one shutdown error also, but same thing, and I'll cross that bridge later.

I had a little trouble discerning path to (what I have as) sdd3, the 5.0 GB partition created for persistence file and data. I am also not sure exactly how that data (or what specifically) gets assigned to that partition. The trouble I mention is when, or if, "/dev/" is part of the path to either partition. I included it, per one set of instructions I was using, but may have done so incorrectly.... not sure.

Anyway, although I named sdd3 (partition containing persistence file) "Persistent" as the guide directed, the end result is the label on Kali Desktop for same 5.0GB partition is now "Unrecognized". It sure doesn't seem correct, despite appearing to function correctly, so far. I did a basic test, which I read in the documentation which consisted of creating a text file, saving to (I think) Home, on sdd3("Unrecognized" partition), rebooting laptop, followed by confirmation that file still is present, and it is.

It seems I made an error, but not sure exactly what it is. Unfortunately I don't have the exact list of commands I used, I wish I had taken a screeen shot (and likely should have, to discern where the error lies, but I didn't).

Is this obvious to anyone? Should I scrap it and start over?

Thanks very much for any help or insight!