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Thread: Kernel upgrade

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    Kernel upgrade

    I am running kali on an old dell inspiron machine and it works and runs like a dream and has recently updated to the 3.18 kernel which has some graphical changes including the boot screen and desktop background. I also run Kali on a brand new HP stream which doesnt work or run so well... I think upgrading this machine to the 3.18 (currently 3.14) would solve a few issues but I have no idea how to do this, ive ran apt-get update and upgrade dist-upgrade, used the graphical software update from the menu and searched google and these forums to no avail, Iv e tried various kernel update commands all of which respond with not found ect. Any help at all on this subject would be great

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    Please make sure when you type apt-get dist-upgrade there are some new "linux-header**" package. if you think you've already upgraded the OS but you still use Kernel 3.14, please try to update the grub loader. you can type: update-grub to check wether you have the new kernel. Then please reboot your machine.

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